Phillip Island Tour

“Impressed by A Petite Tour with the professional tour service provided. They are flexible, making good recommendations to the tailored itineraries at our pace. Good knowledge on history, culture, scenery and local authentic experiences. Sharing interesting facts about wildlife” – Kue Chin

Tour Highlights

A trip to Phillip Island is a must-do for an unique Melbournian experience. Morning ride on the 100-year-old steam train traversing the lush Victorian rainforest, relish the gorgeous sunset views at The Nobbies and adore cute little penguins after dusk.

Spend a lovely afternoon with native Australian animals, observe lovely koalas, feed and pat friendly kangaroos and wallabies at Maru Koala Park. Enjoy dinner at the seaside town of Cowes in summer. Watch the adorable little penguins waddle back to burrows.
  • Brighton Beach Boxes (summer)
  • Puffing Billy steam train ride

  • Maru Koala and Animal Park

  • Seaside town Cowes (summer)

  • The Nobbies (best sunset views)

  • World Famous Penguin Parade

Start time

9 am (winter)

12 pm (summer)

Finish time

8 – 12 pm (depend on season)


  • Transport
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Friendly Guide
  • Bottled Water
  • Child Safety Chair (if required)
  • Heaps of Fun
  • Car Park
  • Toll Fee

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Tour Itinerary


Let’s Go To Philip Island!

In the morning, our friendly guide will pick you up from your hotel.

Travel southeasterly from Melbourne CBD to the historic Puffing Billy steam train, then continue further towards Phillip Island.

Please note that Phillip Island and Great Ocean Road are located on completely different sides of Port Phillips Bay, therefore one day trip covering both attractions will not be possible.

Local tourists began to visit Phillip Island since the early 20th century, the island possesses large area of natural habitat for the world’s largest number of small penguins (the smallest of its type). Over the decades, those cute little penguins have gained tremendous popularity and are the most famous attraction on the island.

Most attractions on Phillip Island are run by not-for-profit organizations. proceeds from ticket sales will be used to protect the living creatures and preserve the ecosystem on and around the island, as well as further related research.


Puffing Billy Steam Train

Puffing Billy steam railway traverses through the lush rainforest of Dandenong Ranges. The steam train first operated in 1900, mainly for the transportation of local agriculture and logging products. The original starting point, Upper Ferntree Gully, has now become Belgrave. The railway has five platforms, namely Belgrave, Menzies Creek, Emrald, Lakeside and Gembrook. A complete journey would take about 2 hours, and 25 minutes apart between each two stations. Due to severe landslide, the steam train operation had been suspended from 1953 and it wasn’t fully operational until 1998. Since then, Puffing Billy steam train has become hugely popular with both local and international tourists. In recent years,  annual customer flow has exceeded over 400,000. Puffing Billy has proudly maintained the original steam engines which feed on large consumption of coal. The steam trains traverse slowly through the lush Dandenong Ranges fern forest, visitors can choose to sit by the sides of the trains and dangle your feet outside the carriage. coupled with the fragrant scent from the local flora and fern trees, re-explore this historic trail wholeheartedly.

Puffing Billy Steam Train Tickets:

One hour from Belgrave to Lakeside: AUD $ 36 adult / AUD $18 child (4-15 years old).


Maru Koala & Animal Park

Maru Koala and Animal Park is a small zoo en route to Phillip Island, it allows travellers to see a variety of Australian native animals in a relatively short time.

Maru Koala & Animal Park exhibits Australia’s native animals, including: koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, Tawny Frogmouth, alpacas and dingos. You can also touch and feed friendly kangaroos and take pictures with koalas.

Optional fee-paying activities include: close encounter with koalas, Australian dingos and etc.

The animal park also provides daily animal shows at different times, such as: sheep shearing at 2:30 PM.

Travellers who love mini-golf can perfect your swing  here, the mini-golf course is also good for beginners who are keen on learning the basics (Extra fee applies).

Animal Park Admission ticket: Adult $22 / Child $12


Cowes town – Summer

Cowes is the largest town on Phillip Island and has many restaurants for travellers to choose from. On hot summer days, the communal beach in town is quite lively. Especially at sunset, it is absolutely charming. When it’s on daylight saving time, we will stopover in Cowes for a rest and dinner, as the food selection at Penguin Parade is relatively limited, hence we recommend our lovely travellers to enjoy dinner here.

Cowes has a number of good quality restaurants,  including Italian, Thai, local pub food, Chinese and other table service / fast food restaurants.

Travellers who have finished your meal early are advised to lie on the grass beside the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze and pleasant sunbathing (our guide’s favourite activity!)


The Nobbies – Phillip Island

The Nobbies, located at the very end of Phillip Island. It is a part of  “Summerland” nature reserve that is the only area on Phillip Island where the penguins still live. Sea seals are inhabited on a small island 1.5 km away from The Nobbies’ coastline and occasionally humpback whales can be spotted in the nearby waters. The rocks in the water are dark in colour as they were originally formed by lava from volcanic eruptions.

There is a long stretch of boardwalk at the Nobbies, it’s a great place for a stroll in the sunset and be impressed by the natural beauty along the coast. You will spot many wooden boxes scattered around the area, they were built by Phillip Island Nature Park staff and are homes to those little cute penguins.

(The ticket price for a general viewing admission is enough to construct such a warm wooden home for a penguin, so far 4,000 homes have been built for those little creatures). In the distance, you will often hear a large group of seagulls crisp chirping, coupled with cool sea breeze, it will get you ready for the much-anticipated Penguin Parade.


Penguin Parade – Phillip Island

Penguin Parade is the most talked about activity on Phillip Island. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come and visit little penguins each year. Unlike emperor penguins that live in the Antarctica, Phillip Island is home to those small blue penguins, also known as fairy penguins because of their small size, with an average height of 33 centimetres. They are found only in certain parts of the southern hemisphere and Phillip Island has the world’s largest number of fairy penguin, a total of approximately 33,000 so far. The little penguins you will see at Summerland on Phillip Island used to live on several natural habitats scattered along the coasts of Phillip Island, however today this is the only area on Phillip Island Island where little penguins can still be seen, thanks to the penguin protection and research projects conducted by the Australian government since 1980. Little penguins are hard-workers, they venture into the sea at early morning and return only after sunset, some may not return until a few or several days later. As Victoria is on daylight saving in summer, the time at which Penguin Parade occurs varies considerably throughout the year. In January, those little penguins do not return back home until 9 PM, whereas in June, they usually return before 6 pm.

There are three types of tickets available for Penguin Parade,

1) General Viewing Platform (Photo 2), outdoors spectator benches, there are enough seats for up to 3,000 spectators, further from the beach where the penguins come ashore, generally observe less penguins in comparison to Penguin Plus & Underground Viewing. Tickets: Adult: $ 26.60 / Child: $ 13.20

2) Penguin Plus Platform (Photo 3), outdoors viewing platform, right above the Underground Viewing platform, a total of 300 seats for spectators, generally you will see more penguins wiggling past you, you will enjoy a wider viewing angle in comparison to the Underground Viewing platform, suitable for summer & autumn. Tickets: Adult: $ 55 / Child: $ 27.50

3) Underground Viewing Platform (Picture 4), The indoor viewing platform accommodates only up to 80 visitors each day. You will be able to see those little penguins right from eye level, staircases were built purposely for children. As Underground Viewing is an indoor platform, it’s warmer and best of all, rain and wind proof. Tickets: Adult: $ 70 / Child: $ 35

In summer, General Viewing and Penguin Plus tickets are recommended, however if you fear the chilly wind and want to hide away from the unpredictable winter weather, Underground Viewing is highly recommended and get to see little penguins from an unique angle.

Little penguins are delicate living creatures, they have very sensitive eyes and can potentially lose their orientation under strong light in dark (e.g. camera flash), so please ensure that while you are watching the penguins, do not take any pictures. Let us bring back only the remarkable memories and keep these cute penguins returning back to Phillip Island.


Brighton Beach Boxes are located 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD. There is a total of 82 uniform beach boxes lining up on Brighton Beach, each beach box has its own unique colour and pattern. However they were all built identically and are well-known for its splendour. Brighton Beach Boxes had more than 100 years of history, first built in 1860s. Each box has a dimension of 2.4 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2 meters tall. As no additional beach box is permitted to be built on Brighton Beach, these boxes are big-ticket items! In addition, beach boxes are only allowed for private use and prohibited from any commercial activities, hence they are a great relaxation spot for their owners. Thanks to Port Phillips Bay, the water here is calm and perfect for swimming and sun bathing in summer. Looking northwards, you will get a striking panoramic view of downtown Melbourne.

Interesting Fact: There is a total of 1,860 beach boxes scattered around Port Phillips, of which 1,315 are located on Mornington Peninsula.

Koala Conservation Center has two boardwalks crisscross in the woods, allow visitors to view koalas in close distance from different angles.

Tickets: Adult $13 / Child (4-15 years old) $6.50

Churchill Island Heritage Farm has daily farming activities starting from 2 PM, such as: sheep shearing, cow milking, whip cracking and working dogs. the rugged road leading to Churchill Island Heritage Farm is quite scenic in itself and you may spot some yaks grazing on the side.

Daily farming activities show time:

2.10pm Cow Milking

2.30pm Sheep Shearing

2.45pm Whip Cracking

3.05pm Working ogs

3.20pm Sheep Shearing

Tickets: Adult $13 / Children $6.50

Want to make your own sequel of the Fast and Furious? Forget about red lights and speed cameras in everyday life? Why not put your driving skill to test with the French-made Sodi RT8 go-kart and compete with other racers on Phillip Island’s own race track. The go-karts are very safe and the friendly staff will explain safety instructions before you place your foot on the peddle. The spectator stand offers bird’s eye view of the entire race track and some unrivalled view of the port and open sea in the distance.

Click here for more information

Phillip Island Helicopters – Take a helicopter ride to view different attractions on Phillip Island and Mornington Peninsula up from the sky.

Prices range from $ 85 to $ 420 depending on duration.

Click here for more information

A Maze’N Things – a great playground for kids, the facility offers 5 distinct activities for children from different age groups, it includes: Magic Manor, Puzzle Island, Maxi mini Golf, SkyTrail and an outdoors Maze (the largest 3-D maze in Australia). Kids will enjoy the fun optical illusion here, the Puzzle Island and 3-D maze will stretch children’s perception and test their memory.

Full ticket package: Adult $44 / Children $29.50.

Click here for more information

If You Can Still Read More

Phillip Island is located 140 km southeasterly from Melbourne, named after Arthur Phillip (first governor of New South Wales). its proximity to the state capital makes it a popular weekend destination for locals and tourists, especially in summer. Phillip Island is connected to the mainland over a bridge, it is home to an abundance of wild animals, including notably native kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, mutton birds, seals and the well-known little penguins (up to 33,000 living  around Phillip Island). In recent years, an increasing number of Humpback and Southern Right whales are also spotted in the nearby coastal area. Furthermore, The island is well-liked by motorsport fans with motorcycle and car racing events held throughout the year on its own circuit.

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