Cradle Mountain Tour


Cradle Mountain day tour

Cradle Mountain, often overlooked by travellers, is a gorgeous, scenic hidden gem and should be included in any Aussie day tour travel itinerary. With its world-famous scenery and resplendent National Parks full of ancient rainforests, glistening lakes and rugged peaks, snapping the perfect shot for Instagram is a breeze. Interested?

When planning a trip to Tasmania, you simply must include a visit to Cradle Mountain and its a-maze-ing attractions including Dove Lake, thrilling Cradle Mountain Helicopters, Ashgrove Cheese Farm and Devils@Cradle, a wildlife refuge that Tasmanian Devils and other endangered native animals call home.

  • Cradle Mountain
  • Dove Lake
  • Sheffield
  • Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot
  • Ashgrove Cheese Farm (Optional)

Start time

9:00 am

Finish time

7:00 pm


  • Transport
  • Hotel Transfers
  • Friendly Guide
  • Bottled Water
  • Child Safety Chair (if required)
  • Heaps of Fun

Hotel Transfer

Our guide will greet you at the hotel in the morning. Upon return to Launceston, you can choose to be transferred to either hotel or any restaurant within Launceston


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Sheffield (town)

Sheffield, a gorgeous town on the north-west coast of Tasmania is rich in agricultural history and known as the gateway to Cradle Mountain. When you visit this merry little town on your day tour, be sure to find out if any festivals or competitions are in full swing! The town is covered in beautifully painted murals from the annual International Mural Fest outdoor painting competition. Colourful murals depicting various historical moments and aspects of the area are spread throughout the town, adding an unexpected artistic flair to a predominantly agricultural splendour. Local produce includes delicious wine, beer, cheese and more – perfect for a picnic lunch!


Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot

About 15kms south-west of Sheffield lies Tasmazia (no, it’s not a typo) and the Village of Local Crackpot. Featuring 8 super fun, themed mazes (hence the punny name) you’ll find yourself lost in a world of child-like bewilderment and joy. From the Yellow Brick Road maze, to the Confusion Maze, you can choose your own family-friendly adventure! Once you’ve navigated the mazes make your way to the cafeteria and gift shop to discover a plethora of local crafts, clothing, foods, drinks and more. If you love the smell of lavender, try to visit on a day tour in January as the village contains a gorgeous lavender farm that’s in full bloom at the start of each year.

Full day entry fees : $30/adult, $14.50/child (aged 4-15) and children under 3 can enter for free. 


Cradle Mountain

A World Heritage listed site; Cradle Mountain is one of the most magnificent places on earth. Visiting from December to April will see you surrounded by beautiful, blooming alpine wildflowers. These Summer-Autumn months also provide the most reliable weather. Situated in the northern end of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Cradle Mountain is the perfect hiking destination, surrounded by shimmering lakes, and stunning flora and fauna. Eucalyptus forests grow throughout the terrain, providing homes for native animals. If you’re lucky on your day tour, you may spot a few Tasmanian pademelons, quolls, Tasmanian devils, or short-beaked echidnas, to name just a few!

National Park entry fees: $27.95/adult, $11.20/child (5-17 years) and free entry for children under 5 years. 


Dove Lake

Dove Lake is a gorgeous body of water situated below the looming peaks of Cradle Mountain in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. You can easily set off on a 2-3-hour hike from the Dove Lake carpark. Walk around the Dove Lake Circuit, through the tranquil Ballroom Forest to see beautiful trees and shrubbery as you breathe in the natural serenity that emanates from the pure, pristine lake. If you don’t feel like hiking, Dove Lake has fantastic picnic facilities. It’s best to pack warm clothes, especially in Winter in case of unexpected cold weather and the possibility of snow.


Ashgrove Cheese Farm

Makers of award-winning Tasmanian farm milk, cream, cheese and butter, Ashgrove Cheese Farm is one stop on the day tour that you won’t want to miss! The Ashgrove Farm Cheese Deli is a cheese connoisseurs heaven, with a huge selection of gourmet cheeses to try and buy. If you’ve got little ones with you, treat them to a deliciously fresh ice-cream. You should probably get one for yourself too – they won’t want to share once they taste how scrumptiously yummy and creamy it is. The farm is 100% family owned with all Australian made products. You can help support a local Australian business as you enjoy your day tour. And don’t worry, if you live a long way away you can find Ashgrove Cheese products in your local Woolworths or IGA when you go back home.

Cradle Mountain Helicopters

Cradle Mountain Helicopters offers an array of helicopter tours over the stunning Cradle Mountain area. Take 10 minutes to immerse yourself in a high-flying tour over the glistening Dove Lake. A 20-minute tour will see you take flight on a Cradle Mountain and Fury Gorge adventure. An overland adventure flight sets out for a 60-minute tour of the breathtaking heartland of Cradle Mountain National Park. These helicopter tours are unmissable Cradle Mountain tour experiences for both sightseers and adrenaline junkies. They provide a truly breathtaking view of an area that contains a surreal amount of natural grandeur.

Cost:20 minutes ride, max. 5 passengers per ride, Adult $295 AUD / Child (3-11 years old) $160 AUD, open in summer only. Other flight options are available.

Lake St Clair

Moving now to the southern end of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is Lake St Clair, a must-see highlight of the park. Aptly named Leeawuleena, meaning sleeping water, by the Aboriginal people of the area, the tranquil lake has remained undisturbed and preserved by time. Lake St Clair is the deepest freshwater lake in Australia (167 metres), carved out by ice during glaciations over the last 2 million years! Bushwalks, picnics and fishing are just a few of the activities you can do on at this gorgeous spot on your Cradle Mountain day tour.

Devils@Cradle is a wonderful wildlife conservation facility that cares for Tasmanian Devils, quolls, and other native endangered animals. Learn all about these little critters and the sanctuary they call home with activities such as night-time feeding experiences and guided tours. If you fall in love with the animals that call Devils@Cradle home, you can adopt or sponsor them for a yearly fee that will go towards helping these gorgeous creatures live their best lives and support medical treatment for them as needed.

General entry:  Adult $25 / Child (4-15 years) $15 (under 3 years old receive free entry). 

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