Port Arthur Tour



From the historical significance of the Port Arthur penal colony Historical site, to the breathtaking views and natural wonders of the Tasman coastline, the Port Arthur day tour is nothing short of awe inspiring. All a short drive from Hobart, in the presence of these spectacular sights it is difficult not to marvel.

Breathe in the sea salt flavored air as you gaze upon the local attractions of the Tasman Arch, Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck and many more. Soaking in the expansive landscape one can’t help but imagine how Australia’s first convicts might have felt aboard their sailing ships, spying the terrifying beauty of the Tasmanian coast, their new home. 

  • Eaglehawk Neck
  • The Blowhole
  • Tasman Arch
  • Tessellated Pavement
  • Devils Kitchen
  • Port Arthur Historic Site

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9:00 am

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7:00 pm


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Eaglehawk Neck

Eaglehawk Neck could be thought of as a gateway of sorts to the many natural wonders this corner of Tasmania has to offer. The neck adjoins two peninsulas and in the past served as a last line of last defence against convicts attempting to escape the penal colony.


The Blowhole

At the Blowhole, the ferocious energy of the Tasmanian landscape is palpable. As waves roll toward the coastline and the sea foam bubbles and swells toward the sky, one can’t help but feel that there exists a certain mystique in the powerful force that is nature. With sea spray in the face on a gusty day, a visit to the Blowhole is a poignant reminder of the great extent of earth’s energy.


Tasman Arch

Not far from Devils Kitchen is the equally (or arguably more) impressive Tasman Arch. The natural bridge formation extends across the water some 200 metres below. Behold the wonder of a Mother Earth built bridge that was formed because of the erosion process started from more than 6,000 years ago.


Tessellated Pavement

棋盤道 亞瑟港
Tessellated Pavement 亞瑟港

To call it a geological phenomenon does not do it justice, this tile-like rock structure, formed over hundreds of thousands of years, as waves crashed against the shoreline, is a true wonder to behold. One of the best examples of this type of geological formation in the world, the Tessellated Pavement’s mosaic expanse is a photographer’s treat.


Devils Kitchen

True to its name, there is something truly satanic in the foaming waves of Devils Kitchen. A natural blow hole, Devils Kitchen is another jarring example of Tasmania’s dramatic coastline.


Port Arthur Historic Site

Against the backdrop of a quintessentially Tasmanian landscape, the Port Arthur Historic Site and Penal colony offers visitors an eerie insight into the lives of Australia’s first convicts. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to the Port Arthur penal colony completes any adventure to the island gem of Tasmania. From the prison building to the Convict Church, the site offers visitors a rare glimpse at what life was like for some of the very first convict settlers of Australia. Wandering the grounds will help to enrich your knowledge of Australian history, and you will leave appreciating the somewhat grim beginnings of the island nation.


General Admission:

Adult: $47 / Child (7-17 Years Old) $22, Children under 7 years old enjoy free entry


After observing the wonders of the coastline from dryland, a Tasman island cruise offers a whole new kaleidoscope of dramatic views. From the decks of the vessel, as you gaze upon sea caves and inlets, you cannot help but feel small as you feast your eyes on behemoths of nature.

Two cruises daily,10 AM to 1 PM or 2 to 5 PM,Costs:$155 AUD per adult /$95 AUD per child (3-16 years old)

Please notify our staff if you are interested as booking in advance is required

With a well deserved name, Remarkable cave is an impressive feat of nature. The cave boasts two openings and at low tide keen adventurers can follow a set of steps down to the entrance and explore inside the ocean cavern. When viewed from above, some say its opening is reminiscent of the shape of Tasmania itself, affirming its status as remarkable.

To pause awhile and absorb the spectacular view of Pirates Bay is nothing short of a privilege. Nestled upon the rugged coastline, the glistening blue waters of the Tasman Sea can be treacherous one day and tranquil the next. More than a mere selfie backdrop, the Pirates Bay panorama needs no photo to be remembered.

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