Where do we meet on the day of tour?

To facilitate your tour arrangement and better your experience, for all our tour services, we would pick up directly from your hotel / accommodation in Melbourne CBD, if you stay outside of CBD, please inform our staff and we will do our best to pick you up directly from where you stay. If your place of stay is far from Melbourne CBD, we will arrange a pick-up spot that is mutually convenient for us.

What long is our private tours?

Private tour service hours is generally approximately 10 – 12 hours each day. In order to create the best possible tour experience for you, our private tours do not have any overtime surcharge, we do not want you to worry about the additional cost of running overtime. However take into account the potential fatigue of our tour guides and the safety of our passengers, we usually keep the service hours within 12 hours.

In summer the Penguin Island trip will be more than 12 hours because the penguins do not return back home until after 9 pm. In addition, Great Ocean Road trip is generally 11-12 hours due to the long distance the trip covers.

How do I book for a private tour?

Our private tour service charges a deposit of $ 150 AUD per day. Once you have agreed on our proposed or your own itinerary and we have confirmed the availability of our service, we will pay you a payment link to your email inbox, you can choose using credit card, debit card or Paypal to make your payment. The deposit will include 3.2% of overseas transaction fee. Alternatively, you can choose to transfer the funds electronically to our bank account, our bank account details will be provided before your transfer. For a domestic fund transfer, there is no surcharge however bank fees will apply for international fund transfer (Telegraphic Transfer).

What is the weather like in Melbourne? What do I need to bring?

The weather is at times unpredictable in Melbourne, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively distinct. The temperature in the morning and at night are generally cooler. In summer, the average temperature in the morning and at night is approximately 14 degrees, whereas in winter this temperature drops below 10 degrees. Therefore we advise to carry a jumper/coat with you in Melbourne to keep your body warm.

For weather forecasts for Melbourne, please refer to http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/forecasts/melbourne.shtml

Is it true that Australia has high ultraviolet (UV) radiation?

Since 1970’s, a gradual depletion in the ozone layer has been noticed in Australia and Antarctica (South Pole), Ozone layer protects life on Earth by absorbing ultra-violet radiation from the sun. As the zone layer depletes, the atmosphere loses its protective filter and more of the dangerous UV radiation reaches Earth’s surface. If you are spending a long time outdoors in Australia, make sure to apply sunscreen on exposed body skin and use only sunscreen that is at least 30+.

Is there any age restriction on my tour booking?

There is no age restriction on our tour services, so far our youngest traveller is only 6 months old, and up to 89 years old. In accordance with Australian law, we offer free child safety chair for any child under 7 years of age. You just need to notify us in advance, we will make the arrangement accordingly. For any traveller who is disable, we can arrange a wheelchair according to your description, we can lease on your behalf in advance. For a foldable wheelchair, the minimum cost is $50 AUD per fortnight.

How do I deal with an emergency in Melbourne?

In Australia, please call 000 for emergencies, 000 is used for police, fire or ambulance. If your English is not fluent, you can use the Australian Interpreter Hotline at 13 14 50. The Interpreter Hotline will provide free interpretation service to government institutions and large businesses. Multiple language options available.

Can I bring my luggage on the tour?

We have some space at the rear of our vehicle for luggages, however the space is limited. If you need to keep your luggage on our vehicle during the tour, please consult our staff in advance before your tour.

Can I eat or drink in your vehicle?

Most of tour companies do not allow food and drinks in tour vehicles, however we understand that sometimes you may feel thirsty or a little hunger during long hours of travel, hence we allow simple snacks and drinks in our vehicle, just be mindful of keeping our vehicles clean, thank you.

Is my lunch included in the tour package?

Our tour service does not include lunch. We believe that good food is an important part of your travel experience, therefore we always recommend restaurants to our travellers based on their preferences and suitability. If it matters to you, we will take care of it very seriously ?

In addition to the price quotation on the website, what extra costs are there for the trip?

The pricing for our private tour service is transparent. In addition to the private tour fee, if there is any attraction that charges for admission in your itinerary, then admission ticket costs will apply. We do not have any hidden cost. We do not have meal surcharge for our tour guide / driver or mandatory tips. Tipping is entirely voluntary, if you and your family or friends had fun on our tour and would like to pay some tips, we will be very grateful.

Moreover, our private tour service does not include any meal as some people has different dietary requirements and many have different preference when it comes to food, so we would always recommend restaurants to our travellers accordingly.

Does my tour include travel insurance?

Our tour service does not directly include travel insurance which needs to be purchased separately before your trip. However we are a registered tour operator in Victoria. As a requirement, we hold $ 20 million public liability insurance for services we provide. In addition, all our vehicles have commercial insurance which will cover any accidental injuries due to our mistakes on the road. We remind all traveller to be careful during your tour and vacation.

Can I change the itinerary for our private tour?

Our private tour service allows your family and friends to travel at your own pace and privacy. If there is something you don’t quite like in your itinerary, let us know, we will replace it with another attraction or simply remove it. Generally if there is not much of deviation from your initial itinerary, we will not charge any additional fee.

If my airport pick-up or drop-off is on the same day as my private tour booking, what’s the additional cost?

If your private tour booking is on the same day as your airport pick-up or drop-off, given that your private tour is a full-day booking, we will not charge any additional fee for your airport pick-up or drop-off service. However if your private tour is for a half-day booking, we will offer a slight discount to your airport transfer service.

Will you book admission tickets for us?

Yes, we will secure your admission tickets for major attractions, e.g. Puffing Billy, Penguin Parade before your trip, this is especially important during peak travel season to ensure the smoothness of your trip, as at times admission tickets may be sold out if you attempt to purchase them on the day, hence our advance ticket booking will save you from unnecessary headache. We will not charge any additional service fee for booking your tickets, you will simply be charged the official ticket prices.

What payment options do I have?

We offer the following payment options,



Credit card, overseas credit card supported (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club)

Australian Domestic Transfer (EFT)

Telegraphic Transfer (International Transfer)

Note: all credit cards are subject to 3.2% of overseas transaction fees or 2.0% of domestic transaction surcharge. Paypal is subject to 3.9% of transaction cost, Telegraphic Transfer is subject to additional bank charges.

Can you provide tour service for a group of 11 or more?

We usually provide tour services for groups ranging from 1 to 11 travellers using 8 seater or 12 seater vehicles. however if your group is larger than 11 people, we can arrange multiple vehicles or larger buses, such as: 22, 25 or 35 passenger bus. If you have such a request, please contact us for more information.

We plan to have an interstate trip, can you provide such a service?

We can provide interstate tour services, such as: from Melbourne to Sydney (or vice versa), from Melbourne to Adelaide (or vice versa) multi-day travel services, if you have an interstate multi-day travel plan, please contact our friendly staff for more information.

Where will I be dropped off at the end of the tour?

At the end of the tour, your driver can drop you back to your hotel (Melbourne CBD or nearby) or any restaurant or bar in Melbourne CBD or nearby. Please feel free to ask your guide for advice on where to wine and dine.

Can we hire only a driver/tour guide or rent your vehicle?

We provide quality vehicles and friendly tour services. However we do not rent our vehicles, nor do we provide tour guide outsourcing service.