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Launceston, Tasmania’s second largest town, is full of amazing architecture, delightful heritage trails and picturesque scenery. Located at the very top of the Tamar River in the northeast of Tasmania this majestic town holds a huge array of historical intrigue. From the cascading Cataract Gorge to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, the natural allure of this destination is evenly matched by its old school charm and artistic attractions.

The Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm is a wonderful place to visit and to photograph. Grindewald and Ross are gorgeous historic townships that you simply cannot leave off your Tasmania itinerary. Let’s take a trip to Launceston as we admire the green, sloping hills, beautiful valleys and charming towns, villages and attractions in its surroundings.

  • Cataract Gorge
  • Grindelwald
  • Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm
  • Tamar Island Wetlands

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Cataract Gorge

A large natural body of water is not what you’d expect to find just a two-minute drive outside of a large city. Cataract Gorge defies all odds, making itself known as one of the biggest and best attractions in the Launceston area. Known to locals as The Gorge, this natural formation is easily accessible especially since the Kings Bridge was added as a feature in 1867. With sprawling green lawns and a swimming pool surrounded by Aussie bushland The Gorge is a wonderful place to swim, to watch the wallabies or to walk through the Victorian era garden. The best part? Admission is entirely free for all visitors!




Gorgeous Grindelwald is a unique little village located about 15 minutes north of Launceston by car. The thing that makes this town so unique is that all the houses are built to resemble a Swiss township. You’ll see wide eaves, quaint balconies, white window shutters and delightful little flowerboxes. The glistening lakes and picturesque views of the Tamar Valley only add to the peaceful nature of this area. Since the 1980s tourist have been visiting Grindelwald to witness the distinctive architecture. At the Tamar Valley Resort located in this tiny town you’ll find attractions such as day spa, chocolate café and the worlds longest bouncing pillow! It’s the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family.


Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm


This estate isn’t just a flower farm for lovers of the colour purple, it’s an amazing venue that’s frequented by locals and tourists alike. Bridestowe Estate boasts the largest lavender farm in the Southern Hemisphere! This is 260 full acres worth of rolling fields, native bushlands, manicured gardens and, of course, the well-known purple flowers of the delightfully scented lavender bushes. Visitors are welcome year-round to bask in all this estate has to offer. A gift shop and café are fully stocked with Australian-made delicacies, products and gifts, lavender oil, and the adorable world-renowned Bobbie the Bear soft toy, this is a one farm you don’t want to miss out on visiting.

Admission: $20 for adults to enter during flowering season but kids under 16 can enter for free (also free for all Tasmanians)! 


Tamar Island Wetlands

馬河濕地公園 – Tamar Island Wetlands

The Tamar Island Wetlands are full to the brim with native Australian bird life, reptiles, mammals, trees and shrubs. Follow the boardwalk through the natural marshy habitat and bask in the serenity of this beautiful area, amidst the sounds of cicadas chirping, frogs croaking and birds calling. Stop in at the interpretation centre on the way to learn all about the cultural aspects and natural values of the wetlands. If you keep walking to the end of the boardwalk, you’ll find the incredible Tamar Island with an array of picnic tables and a wonderful view of the Tamar Valley and Ben Lomond.

Admission fee is voluntary, however a small donation would go a long way to help keep the wetlands thriving in all their natural glory for years to come.


Launceston City Park

Launceston City Park, also known as Peoples Park, is a large park located right in the middle of Launceston with all the right features to make for a great day out and about in a natural, urban environment. You can wander through the park, taking pictures of the gorgeous gardens and stopping off so the kids can play on the swings and other fun equipment. The cultural and heritage aspects of this park are valued by all Launceston residents and tourists alike.



The historic riverside village of Ross is a nineteenth century style town with cobblestone paths and large elm trees lining the main streets. This town was built by convicts back in the early 1800s and has been preserved to near perfection. It has earned the title of one of the finest nineteenth century villages in Australia. The Ross Bridge is a key attraction as it is Australia’s third oldest bridge that’s still standing! Visit the old-school bakery for some tasty pastries or the antique shop to pick up some vintage delights. It’s only an hour’s drive south of Launceston so jot it down on your to-do list because this quaint town holds much more than meets the eye.

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