Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is one of Melbourne’s most popular summer holiday destinations.

The peninsula is connected to Port Phillip Bay to its north and Bass Strait to its south. With picturesque beaches and calm water all year round, Mornington Peninsula is an ultimate place for families to hang out and relax. There are a number of quality local restaurants and wineries scattered across the peninsula, coupled with magnificent gardens, fun-packed adventure park and delicious chocolate shop to choose from, Mornington Peninsula offers the unrivalled seaside experience.

  • Brighton Beach Boxes
  • Moonlit Sanctuary (optional)
  • Mornington (town) for lunch
  • Peninsula Beaches
  • Mornington Peninsula Wineries
  • Arthurs Seat

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Pure Peninsula Honey offers a wide variety of quality honey products, it includes famous Manuka honey, local floral flavoured, lemon flavoured honey and many more. Not sure which one is right for you? You can taste each type of honey before you buy, either it’s on your morning toast or simply on its own, these honey will be great complements. Bring a bottle of local honey back home, it will remind you the sweetness from Mornington Peninsula. In addition, there are honey ice cream (or mixed with macadamia nuts) and honey sparkling wine and cider that you can choose from, they can be fantastic additions on your next party!

Get ready for Australia’s largest and oldest hedge maze, Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden was originally a large cattle ranch. The Cypress and Lombardy trees planted by the original owner Burston family over decades ago paved the way for the elegant garden we see today. It was re-established in the 1970s with a large number of native Australian plants and the further addition of Rose Maze in 1988. However it was not open to public until late 90s. Today, Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens cover a total area of ​​25 hectares. The dense traditional hedge maze is made up of more than 1000 cypress trees. The trees are more than 3 meters in height and form thousands of metres of walk trail for you to explore! Finding the exit not only is a test of your memory, but also requires a little bit of luck. In addition, there are more than 1,200 different colored roses in the Rose Maze and up to 40 different varieties of lavenders to be found in the lavender garden during summer.

Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden Admission Tickets:

Adult: AUD $18.50

Children: (4-15 years old) AUD $10

Enchanted Adventure Garden is truly a children’s paradise with 20 different themed gardens, including three hedge mazes, giant tube slides, tree surfing with zip lines, swinging rope bridges, suspended tunnels and more. Let kids experience the joys of playing outdoors and make new friends along the way.

Enchanted Adventure Garden Admission Tickets:

Adult: AUD $30 to AUD$70

Children: AUD $20 to AUD $60 (based on the activities you choose)

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Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot spring and spa in Victoria. It offers a wide range of bathing and spa experiences. The hot springs are outdoors-based with a number of pools to choose from, with thermal water drawn from an aquifer located 600 meters underground, it contains full of natural minerals. Dip yourself in the warm soothing water, let both body and mind set free and relax. In addition to public outdoors hot spring pools, there are private baths and a variety of massage and spa options available. For more information.

Admission (Tuesday to Thursday):

Adult: AUD $40

Children: (5-15 years old) AUD $25

Admission (Friday-Monday):

Adult: AUD $47

Child: (5-15 years old) AUD $32

Mornington Peninsula Chocolates is a local gem on the peninsula that you can’t miss! The owner and chocolate makers’ passion and love for chocolate have won this little chocolate shop a number of local and domestic awards over the years. These delicate chocolates are handmade using high quality local and imported raw materials, combining traditional French, Swiss and Belgian techniques. If you are curious, hang around a little longer and watch how chocolates are made at this fabulous chocolate shop in Flinders. What’s more, the shop offers delectable macaroons, cakes and ice cream fill to your sweet teeth.

Flinders Pier is located in the southeastern part of Mornington Peninsula, it’s popular amongst locals for its beautiful beach and natural serenity. The 250 meter long pier juts into the sea, it’s a perfect spot for a nice afternoon stroll, the pier is also well-liked by fishing and water sport enthusiasts.

Sorrento is undoubtedly one of the most loved destinations on Mornington Peninsula. Located towards the end of the peninsula, it was the first location where settlement was attempted in Victoria prior to the founding of Melbourne, unfortunately the lack of freshwater then had made the early settlers moving further down south to Tasmania. Sorrento is a lively town abounds with restaurants, bars, hotels and motels. For guests who would like to connect Mornington Peninsula with Great Ocean Road, ferry service can transport us across Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff (next to Geelong), please contact our friendly staff for more information.

Quarantine station – this historic area has nearly 50 cultural heritage buildings. Initially set up in 1852 to quarantine and isolate early settlers from Europe who had travelled to Australia by sea, this Portsea quarantine station is the second oldest in Australia. The pictures and information on exhibition illustrate early history of Victoria and the hardships of early European settlers had to endure across the sea.

Fort Nepean was formerly a defensive fortification in the area since 1880s, Nowadays it has become a scenic national park, the 1 km circular walk trail will show you the best parts of Port Nepean with magnificent ocean views. Alternatively shuttle bus service is available, please see the bus schedule.

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